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... actively engaged in God's movement of making disciples.


..... family on lockdown!

In these days of social distancing and virtual lockdown we want to encourage all our family to follow the advice and guidance given by the health and scientific experts and those in leadership.  We also want to pray for them and support them in whatever way we can.  We also pray for all the NHS teams and other essential workers seeking to care for us and meet our physical needs.

While the majority of us are not meeting in the Belfast Bible College each week we do continue to meet as ChristChurch Family making use of tools like ZOOM™ to allow us to continue to gather in an informal manner.  You are welcome to join with our family and get to know us a little more!

Please use the link below each Sunday morning at 10:30am and join us for about 30 - 40 minutes together!


Gathering Physically

As part of the gradual return to meeting together we have introduced a booking system for reserving your space and seat for Sunday Morning (Provisionally 10th January for up to 35 people).  Please use the "Book Online" below.  Additional information is in the section "Book your space" further down this page

Online Giving available here...

As a church we are thankful that much of our giving is received through direct debits on a regular basis.  In the absence of meeting together we are aware that those who normally prefer to give through the collection bag (cash and envelopes) during our service will not now be able to do so. For those who wish to continue giving we want to make you aware that we can receive your giving through credit/debit cards though MyChurchSuite App (giving section) on your smartphone or tablet computer or by using the following link on any computer, smartphone or tablet...

This link will direct you to the Secure Online Giving page



You can send an SMS text message with the special Keyword
"GIVE2CCB give £XX" to the service Number : 07380 307 800
(where £XX is the amount you wish to donate)

e.g. Using Text Number: 07380 307 800.
and Type
"GIVE2CCB give £XX"


Teaching Series

Whether we are Christians, or not yet Christians how do we find the answers to the Big Questions?

The gospel of John explores encounters that individuals had with Jesus Christ.

These encounters reveal the core teachings of Jesus in a particularly compelling way.

Alpha UK


Click image to view video.h


Book your space

Booking your space for Sunday

As part of the gradual return to meeting together we have introduced a booking system for reserving your space and seat for Sunday Morning (Provisionally 22th November).  Please use the "Book Here" green button below.


Important Additional Information:

A copy of the safeguarding instructions and procedures previously circulated can be found in the attached document - Click "Guidance" on the green link below.


The Elders and Trustees have completed a detailed Risk Assessment together with mitigating controls and actions.  The current Risk Assessment Document is available to view on the green link below.


Prayer Ministry Appointments

Prayer Ministry
This an opportunity to arrange a 'One to One' private and confidential Prayer Appointment with one of our Prayer Ministry Team.  We will connect using Zoom through a Zoom link which will be emailed to you and locked to prevent other people joining.  

Alternatively we can arrange to call you at the appointed time on your phone if you prefer.

Please sign up to select your time slot using the "Sign Up" button below.