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... actively engaged in God's movement of making disciples.

Supporting one another ... Bringing hope to the World


Glow is a youth club that caters for young people of High School age between 1st and 5th form. It is held every other week directly after Friday Live in Finaghy Primary School from 9pm - 10.30pm.

What do we do at Glow?

Glad you asked! Young people can come and join in our crazy activities and games or spend time chilling out in a relaxed and 'safe' environment.

We also have use of the neighbouring Sportszone for those budding football stars!

Why do we do Glow?

Jesus Christ. We are passionate about sharing the good news of Christ and serving Glow's young people in any way we can. Our leaders have a real heart to help cultivate and develop the potential of our young people in a fun-safe environment.

For more information email our community pastor, Greg.  Logo_yth.png