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... actively engaged in God's movement of making disciples.

Bringing hope to the World at home and overseas

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The primary overseas partners of ChristChurch are Derek and Heather Johnston and Marcus and Jennifer Love.

Derek and Heather Johnston work with Wycliffe in a range of French speaking countries in Africa. Derek is to be found rigorously inspecting the latest translations of scripture in a variety of African dialects, consulting Hebrew and Greek texts, conversing in French, English and local languages, as he oversees and guides the work of several translation teams.  Heather acts in a pastoral role, caring for the spiritual, emotional, and practical needs of Wycliffe staff.

Jennifer "Niffer" and Marcus Love are a remarkable young couple. Extremely bright, full of energy and humour. Possessing amazing linguistic skills, they serve in Nigeria, in Bible translation.

Support & Giving

In line with the current practice of most mission agencies, our overseas partners are responsible for establishing their support base before going abroad. There is now a need for these support bases to be widened. If you are not already supporting one of our overseas partners, please join those in ChristChurch who are supporting global mission in this very practical way.

Giving can be channelled through ChristChurch by making a designated gift. However it is more practical for this support to be forwarded directly to the appropriate mission agency preferably utilising Gift Aid and standing orders.

Further Information

If you require any further information please contact the office.