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... actively engaged in God's movement of making disciples.

Bringing hope to the World at home and overseas

Marcus & Jennifer Love

The Loves are currently based in Ireland.

Below is there most recent newsletter:


Hello from Omeath…
Hi from all of us exiled down here!  We do get up to Belfast every so often but are trying to 'bloom where we are planted' while we continue to work towards Marcus getting Irish citizenship. We are two years into the process, with one year remaining.
Looking back on this time last year we feel much more settled, with good, deep friendships and we feel like we are finally learning how to live well in this country. We now know that rather than keeping all the windows permanently shut to save on heating, that we should actually keep some windows open all winter so as to avoid mould and keep the air fresh!  Very different to Nigeria, where I was frequently putting buckets full of water in my bedrooms to fight against the intense dryness!
DJ Niff…
I'm thoroughly enjoying my volunteering at the local Newry and Mourne IUR-FM radio station. The opportunity we have to share truth from the Bible freely over the airwaves is just amazing. I've enjoyed sifting through a lot of Christian music, in order to find really good tracks with good messages, or beautiful music. It's been an unexpected blessing to me, that as I work to prepare the radio slot I'm often challenged and encouraged by the words I'm listening to.
In September Emmanuel will start pre-school in the mornings, please pray that I will make the most of some of this time to prepare better and more prayerfully for the shows.
Please also continue to pray that local people will turn on their radios on Sunday mornings and meet God. Pray that we would find a good balance between being open and unashamed of God's word, and being humble and not pushy.
Gloucester here we come…
We would appreciate your prayers for us over the next few weeks as we re-locate to Gloucester for a month to teach the new Wycliffe members. As we've done before, Marcus will look after Emmanuel and I will teach. I've taught this language and culture learning course many times, and it's quite intense. Last year I found it difficult combining the work of the course with family life. Gone are the single-minded days!
Please pray for a good work/life balance and for inspiration and focus as I prepare lectures. Please pray I will get to know the students quickly so that they feel at ease as we go through an experience of learning a new language together.
It's been a much better summer than we expected & we have loved getting outside!
…We're so thankful for our 20's & 30's group in Newry Baptist. Niffer has been involved in helping to run this group, and we have loved seeing the group grow deeper in friendships and accountability…
…Some folk have asked for the online link for IUR-FM, as the radio signal doesn't reach as far as Belfast. Unfortunately the online link often breaks down, but when it is working it can be found at: The show runs from 8-10am every Sunday…
We're so thankful for loans and gifts of Christian music from friends and family in NI. And we're always open to more !! Please get in contact if you have anything you can pass on, or Christchurch folk can feel free to pass anything on to my parents.
Things are much calmer in Nigeria as a whole, although terrorist activity continues in the far north. Currently it is rainy season across Nigeria and in past years flooding has brought much loss of life and devastation. Niger State, where Niffer used to live, has been particularly hard hit.
Please pray that the government would allocate time and resources to combatting the flooding that can accompany the heavy rains.
Marcus the mapping maestro…
This year has been a year of special focus on Africa, which has meant a lot of work for Marcus as he is the one responsible for African maps. This has meant that he has proactively requested new up-to-date language information from all of his contacts across Africa. Thankfully, he was recently able to meet some contacts who work in African countries face to face for the first time at a meeting in Germany, and go over mapping data with them in person, which saved a lot of time emailing back and forth, and was very productive.
The mapping team have developed a new online mapping service which will for the first time provide access for translation teams on the ground to an interactive map of the language group they are working with. It went live just in June, which has been quite exciting! This would have been really helpful to me when I was in Nigeria, to see clear maps of the languages I was working in.
In addition, his work for the Ethnologue (an encyclopaedic resource run by Wycliffe/SIL to provide data on all the world's languages) has run to updates on 120 languages in 37 different African countries. He also completed some extra work on the language map of Bulgaria, showing for the first time where the half a million Roma speakers are in the country. And currently, he is designing and making maps for an atlas of languages in Angola, in collaboration with the government of Angola. Life is never dull!
Please pray that the Wycliffe contact on the field will have good contact with government officials, and that this joint effort would open doors to further work in the country.
Brexit & endless questions…
We continue to try and figure out what Brexit will mean for us. It remains unclear whether having Irish citizenship will be enough for Marcus to live in the UK at any future point, once Brexit actually happens. Living with the uncertainty of having your husband not allowed to reside in your home country is wearing! But we are grateful that he will have the ability to live in the Republic of Ireland either way.   Love Jennifer & Marcus xx


We've had a few delays in our application process for Marcus' Irish citizenship. We have fulfilled all the

residency criteria and we recently sent everything off to a checking agency to do a pre-check for us. We were

very glad we took that step as they were much more particular about the paperwork than the people at the

citizenship office that Marcus has been speaking to endlessly on the phone! The system the checking agency use for

measuring days spent outside of the Republic of Ireland means that we wouldn't be able to apply until a year

after a one week holiday we took last year in England. We are extremely glad that we didn't go over to teach

this year in England in the summer, as that would have set us back further. We feel that we are currently drowning

somewhat in paperwork and it can be overwhelming! Please pray with us specifically that we can find three separate

proofs of residence for Marcus for each year that he has lived here. We don't have many bills coming in to

the house and haven't needed to visit a doctors, so have very little official documentation posted to the house

that has his name on it.


I'm still enjoying dipping my toes in translation work again, beginning to work through the book of Acts

with the Zul team and our colleague Gareth Mort, who led our team in Kagara many moons ago!

Please pray for Gareth and particularly his wife Katharine, who very recently lost her mother quite

suddenly. Katharine was unable to fly back from Nigeria to England in time to see her Mum before she died, so it

has been a very hard time. Pray for Gareth and Katharine and their two young children as they will now

spend Christmas unexpectedly back in the UK, while mourning a Mum and a Granny.


One of Marcus' recent projects was seven maps of tonal languages in West Africa which required a lot of

revisions of the data of the languages involved. He's also been working on general SIL-Wycliffe map work.

Typically he communicates with the language workers on the ground, who are all over Africa, and does all the

background research first. Then he can adjust the language area polygons on the maps themselves and

update the maps to reflect new or changed information.


Iur-FM 101.4 FM…

I (Jennifer) am still working away in the local radio station in Newry. It takes a lot of work but I love

it and I'm trying to use the two hour slot that we have in the best ways possible. I try and listen through at least

one or two new CDs a week to keep the music fresh, to find songs with relevant words to our themes, and also

to make notes on each song regarding the length of the instrumental introduction, and whether they are quieter

or louder songs. Thank-you so much to those who have sent me music!

Preparing the Bible studies has been such a blessing for me, walking through the Bible again and

learning so much about Jesus, what he actually said and the things he did. We did a mini-series on Contentment

in the summer and it got a good response, and again was something that God used to speak powerfully into

my own life.

I'm really enjoying the run-up to Christmas, I absolutely love Christmas music, so I'm in my element,

and am also hoping that our reflections in everyday, not churchy/traditional, language will help people reflect on

the amazing Christmas story. Please pray that those listening will really enjoy the shows and that they would be drawn to

the God they meet in the Bible. Pray for me, for new ideas in the preparation process, and for discipline to keep putting

the effort in to prepare interesting thoughts and discussions. Pray that I can find a balance between the

old style gospel presentations that are still common in this part of the world, and being a show that a non-Christian

could turn on and listen to without being offended, or bored!

We are kept busy with involvement in the worship team at Newry Baptist, the 20s and 30s group, the Walk for Life

ministry to local women, as well as Sunday School, the choir, and tea/coffee rotas! Sundays can be an absolute

marathon, and I'm sure ideally they should be more restful but for now we're young(ish) and fit(ish) 

and Emmanuel is a real trooper through all the busyness.

Thankyou so much to those of you who pray for us and who support us in other ways. We may not

see you very often, but we really appreciate you.

With love, Marcus, Jennifer & Emmanuel xx