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A community held together by Christ; loving God, supporting one another & bringing hope to the world.

Supporting one another ... through Pastoral Care

How do we care in ChristChurch?CCB-Logo-Small

There are different layers of Care in ChristChurch.

ChristChurch is a relational church, and we are developing an increasingly caring and loving environment that touches and heals lives for Christ, supporting one another in our personal relationships and Small Groups.

So the first layer of Pastoral Care is delivered by one another.

The second layer of Pastoral Care is delivered in Small Groups
In Small Groups  we can share the privilege of caring for one another by offering prayerful, practical and moral support.

The Pastoral Care team offers a third layer of care

Although ChristChurch Elders do not, as a rule, provide a regular visitation ministry, any of them are available to visit on request.

If you would like an Elder to visit you please let us know.

The team aim to provide care for folk who are ill, or who have suffered bereavement. This is either in support of Small Group care or directly with individuals. This includes prayerful, practical and moral support

Freezer Meals will be available in the church centre and if you think someone would benefit from this practical help please let us know.

Our Associate Pastor (Jackie Whyte) will normally be the one to respond to emergencies.

Our Pastoral care deacon, Dot Irwin supports Jackie by visiting with folk and, coordinating the team.

Note: If there is need for more specialized care we have folk in ChristChurch who are trained counselors