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... actively engaged in God's movement of making disciples.

Supporting one another

ChristChurch Small Groups

Let us consider how we can stir up one another to love. Let us help one another to
do good works… let us encourage one another with words of hope.
Let us do this even more as you see Christ's return approaching. Heb 10 24-25

ChristChurch is a family, and like most families, we have values we aspire to. These values are about relationships, and how to make them deeper and more significant, both with God and with others in ChristChurch.

Small Groups are core of what we do at ChristChurch and it is in these groups that relationships grow deep and significant.

Everyone in ChristChurch is encouraged to join a Small Group. We want to see more and more people in more and more Small Groups. Small Groups are where learning and growing go together, where care and support go together and where Bible study and prayer go together. We have Small Groups on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights with some having a particular demographic.

If you are already in a Small Group you can sign up to continue in that group or to join a different group. If you want to change groups, you can sign up to a new group.

If you are not currently in a Small Group, please sign up to a group that suits you best.

To sign up for a Small Group click on the big green button