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A community held together by Christ; loving God, supporting one another & bringing hope to the world.

Current Series with Podcasts

Family on Mission.jpgFamily on mission

We are a family on mission, and between now and the summer we want to help one another develop zeal for the mission so that what we are already doing together we will do even better.

We want everyone to be involved in everything we do together. That doesn't mean that everyone will attend each of our ministries, because even it that were possible it would lead to burn out. But everyone can be a team member in everything we do together - a team member who takes ownership and responsibility for each of our ministries.

We want you to get to know the leaders of our ministries, and we want you understand why they do what they do. We want you to feel part of it so that you will pray about all of it. We also want you to be 'for' these leaders and their teams as they give themselves each week to these vital ministries. Of course we would love you to get involved in at least one of these, but primarily we are asking you to increase your love for these ministries and to grow your heart for all that we do together.

We also want to remind ourselves why we celebrate communion, why we practice baptism, and why small groups and church membership matter so much, and not just for us personally - but also for the growth of the gospel.

We have been called together by God to bring the Kingdom of God to this world through these ministries. Please join with us as we invite Him to speak to us about His will in this. Will you take ownership of every one of them? Will you become part of the team? And, will you seek God's direction for each of them?