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Advent 2020

Advent 2020

Advent is a time of looking back and looking forward. We look back and rehearse the events leading up to the Incarnation, allowing ourselves to enter into the anticipation and joy of the arrival of our Saviour. We also look forward in anticipation of the fulfilment of Jesus's promise of His soon return.

This year is the opportunity of a lifetime to slow down and benefit from Advent. No work parties, no after school activities, less opportunity to shop. It is an ideal opportunity to grow our roots down into our Saviour, build our lives on Him, revisit the truth we were taught when we first came to faith.

Lindsay Allen will bring us a message for each Sunday in Advent leading us from the Old to the New Testament:

1st Sunday of Advent - Light/darkness from Isaiah 9

2nd Sunday of Advent - Faith and obedience from Luke 1 and the angel visiting Mary

3rd Sunday of Advent - Fellowship and joy from Luke 1 when Mary visits Elizabeth

4th Sunday of Advent - God who keeps His promises from Luke 2 when the shepherds go to the manger

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