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'I've tried to read the Bible but I've never made it all the way through'

'I've read bits of the Bible but I don't really know how they all fit together'

'I've never read the Bible - but I'm interested in finding out what's in it'

'I love the Bible, I just need a little help understanding how it applies to my life today'

The Bible is the world's most popular book, having sold more copies than any other volume in history.  It is the reference point for both Judaism (The Old Testament) and Christianity, and it has influenced the culture, law, art and morality of nearly every society on earth.

Although the Bible contains many kinds of writing and introduces us to a wide variety of characters, they all combine to tell one main story - that God created the world, that humans rebelled against God, and that God initiated a plan to save the world - a plan that culminated in Jesus Christ.  That's 'the big story' that makes sense of the Bible, and all of life.

But the Bible is so much more than an influential popular book containing the historical account of God's intervention in the world. The Bible gives us God's revelation of himself, his authoritative and living voice. He speaks to us through it, and breathes his life into us by it. The Bible can only become living and active in our lives when the Holy Spirit opens our eyes and our minds to help us understand it and be nourished by it.

Our aim with Biblefresh is that you would open yourself to the Holy Spirit and discover that 'big story' for yourself.  We are going on a journey through 100 essential passages supported by 20 Sunday morning messages. On the way, we want you to learn how to worship God in your heart. If you are willing to seek, you will find, and what you will find will quench your thirst.

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