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Current Series with Podcasts

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Bible Fresh is a joint initiative of Scripture Union, The Bible Society, Evangelical Alliance and Wycliffe Bible Translators to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, and from the middle of February we hope to join through our Sunday Morning Teaching, our small group discussions, our personal Bible Reading and our corporate raising of funds for Bible Translation in Burkina Faso.

But we have to be really clear - this is not about venerating the King James Version of the Bible, because that would never have been the intentions of John Wycliffe (1328 - 1384) or William Tyndale (1494 - 1536) who worked hard to see the Bible produced in the language of the common people in England. The King James Version no longer fits that bill. But the anniversary gives us the opportunity to recognise the immense Blessing in having the Bible in our modern languages. But more importantly is the hope that many people might go back to the Bible and meet God there.

One of the most amazing transformations that the Holy Spirit works in us is to root our identity firmly in God's Love. This happened to John, who called himself 'the disciple whom Jesus loved' (John 20:2). It wasn't that he thought of himself as the only disciple whom Jesus loved - but he did experience this conviction personally to the core of his being.

So let's set ourselves a high goal for Bible Fresh - imagine the transformation in your life if you were to understand at the core of your being that God loves you, because that is what God does. Imagine the impact this would have on your closest relationships. Imagine the blessing you could unleash in your workplace or street. People who know in the depths of their being that they are loved by God are an aroma of sweet perfume in Heaven and on earth.

But how do you do that? How do you experience that transformation? By feeding the spiritual nature and starving the selfish nature. By spending time with the God who loves you; and the most immediate and direct means of doing that is by praying your way through what he has personally revealed about himself. Then the seed of the Word of the Good News of His love takes root in our souls, and is continually nourished and refreshed.

This can't be done on the run; it is a spiritual discipline involving daily prayer and Bible reading. And that poses us a problem in the busy lives we lead at such breakneck speed. It takes discipline and sacrifice, but the benefits are immeasurable, not least in how we see ourselves - as the one whom Jesus loves.

We are structuring our Sunday Morning Sermons and our Small Group Studies on the theme of Bible Fresh, and the elders have asked the teaching team and the small group leaders to serve the church by taking us through the Bible in 100 key passages, here is how they plan to do this:

schedule bible fresh.jpgThe teaching team will walk us through 20 key passages to give the broad sweep of the Bible as the story unfolds from Genesis to Revelation.


Our small groups will dig a bit deeper into the Bible Narrative that coincides with their gatherings.

Each of us will have the opportunity to follow a daily reading scheme which follows up on the weekend's theme by using the book, E100.

You can never exhaust the depth of God's love, and as you see the story of it unfold through this series, our prayer is that your identity will be more and more formed as one who knows that God loves you.