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Black and white, light and shade, night and day, contrasts in a photograph can be striking and bring the subject matter into sharp relief. The gospel writers used contrast to good effect, and in our mini teaching series leading up to Easter, we'll use the lens of these writers to focus on some of the very contrasting reactions of people when they encountered Jesus in the final weeks of his life, as he made his way to Jerusalem and to his death.

We will see the irony of the spiritual insight of a blind man contrasted with the spiritual blindness of the religious leaders; the shouts of recognition of children in the temple area when they caught sight of the Son of David, contrasted with the refusal of many to recognise Jesus's authority; the overflow of a grateful heart contrasted with the greed of the betrayer; and the chief priests' fake news to explain an empty tomb contrasted with the truthful testimony of eye witnesses to the resurrected King.

So, some further encounters with Jesus for Easter, and the question remains, have we encountered the risen Lord?  And what is our reaction, how does it compare or how does it contrast with those who met him in the flesh?  And perhaps most importantly of all, what is our response?

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21st March
'Sight' Jackie Whyte
28th March     
Andrew Morrell
2nd April (Good Friday) 'Value' Nicola Whyte
4th April (Easter Sunday) 

Jonny Millar