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... actively engaged in God's movement of making disciples.

The most daring thing you can do in life is to live completely for Jesus Christ.


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'According to your faith it will be given to you' (Matthew 9:29)

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We all take a step of faith when we give our lives to Jesus, we even call it 'coming to faith'. But so often we mistakenly take no more 'steps of faith', trying hard to create a safe life where everything runs smoothly. But, that is not the revolutionary life of faith that God leads in as He brings His Kingdom to redeem this world.

God's vision of a life of faith is both challenging and refreshing, and in one of our sermons in a previous series, it was described as taking up the cross and following Jesus or 'taking up our tent pegs'. It is about letting go of what we feel makes us secure in order to follow Jesus into His mission of blessing this world with the message of the Gospel.

In September we will commence a 10 week series entitled 'Daring Faith - The Key to Miracles.'

In the introduction to the small group material Rick Warren writes:

'What does God want to do next in your life and your church, and how can you get ready to catch the next wave God is sending your way? The most daring thing you can do in life is to live completely for Jesus Christ. Today in the West we've removed all the danger of following Christ. We've made it predictable, harmless and innocuous. Most Christians are afraid to live by their faith. They're afraid to pray brave prayers, to share a brave witness, and to take a brave stand for Jesus Christ in their ethics, their relationships, and their business practices. But, where there is no risk, there is no reward. Where there is no faith, there are no miracles. Daring faith is when you live on the edge of faith, not in the shallows of safe conformity.'

We have already embarked on a journey of faith in asking God to lead us to our next home for ChristChurch. This series will help us ask for even more than a home, we are asking for miracles of answered prayer in our lives and communities. We are asking Him to reveal His vision of what He wants us to do for Him in our families, neighbourhoods and areas of influence.

Over 11 Sunday mornings, and six small group meetings we will listen for God's word to us, and then we will encourage one another to 'live completely for Jesus Christ' in our generation, praying that many will come to know Him, and start their own journey of 'Daring Faith'. This series will encourage those who have recently come to faith in Christ as well as those who continue to walk the faith journey..

Eleven Sunday Sermons:

1. What Happens When You Have Faith

Andrew Morrell

7. Daring to Commit

Jennifer Love

2. How to Get Ready for a Miracle

Jackie Whyte

8. Daring to Grow a Deep Soul

Jackie Whyte

3. Daring to Believe

Andy Barr

9. Daring to Be Generous

Greg Neville

4. Daring to Imagine

Paul Griffith

10. Daring to Wait on God

Andy Barr

5. Daring to Give God My Best

Jackie Whyte

11. Daring to Go in Faith

Andrew Morrell

6. Daring to Plant in Faith Andy Barr

What does God intend your life of faith to be? Will you invite Him to show you and then trust Him to empower you to live out a 'Daring Faith'?  Will you help your brothers and sisters in ChristChurch to discern and live out God's will in their lives?

The series is supported by six Small Group discussions:

1. Building a life of Faith 4. Taking The Initiative
2. Expecting the Best 5. Facing Your Fears.
3. Stretching Your Imagination 6. Believing While You're Waiting

If you have fallen out of the habit of attending small group, this would be a wonderful way to re-engage. This would also be a great series to invite a non-churched friend to start attending church - the whole series is based on trusting Christ for salvation and living out of the transformation of the Holy Spirit.