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Current Series with Podcasts



Pictures at an Exhibition is a musical work in 10 movements by Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. It was composed in 1874 and inspired by a visit to an art exhibition. Each movement represents the display of an art work by his friend, Russian artist, Viktor Hartmann. Originally composed for solo piano, it was arranged for orchestra by Ravel in 1922 and re-interpreted in art-rock form by Emerson, Lake and Palmer in 1971.

Our first series for 2018 is a collection of biblical pictures of Elijah. We move with him to various locations, through different experiences, to discover what God was doing in the heart and ministry of this astonishing prophet. How strong was his confidence in God - and in the movement of God on earth? Did his confidence vary and if so, why? What or who seemed to reduce his confidence at times? What or who built his confidence?  These biblical Pictures of Confidence are spoken into our church 'for this time'.  Elijah still speaks.


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