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Current Series with Podcasts


'Encounters with Jesus'

Whether we are Christians, or not yet Christians how do we find the answers to the Big Questions? The gospel of John explores encounters that individuals had with Jesus Christ. These encounters reveal the core teachings of Jesus in a particularly compelling way. In many of them we see Jesus addressing the big, universal, 'meaning of life' questions. Jesus explained himself and his purposes to people he met - and their lives were changed by his answers to the questions.

This leaves us with two other questions - how do we encounter Jesus, and can we also be changed? We can best discover the life-changing grace and power of Jesus if we look at what he has accomplished in the main events of his life. It is through his actions in these moments that Jesus accomplishes our Salvation, and seeing this can move us from an acquaintance with Jesus to a life-changing encounter with him as Redeemer and Saviour. We have taken our outline from Tim Keller's Book 'Encounters with Jesus' and would recommend it to accompany the series.

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Jan 3

'The Sceptical Student'

John 1:43-51


Jan 10

'The Insider and the Outcast' (Nicodemus & the Samaritan Woman)

John 3:1-7; John 4:7-19


Jan 17

'The Grieving Sisters'
(Mary & Martha)

John 11:17-44

Hazel Morrell

Jan 24

'The Wedding Party'

John 2:2-11

Mark Ellis

Jan 31

'The First Christian'
(Mary Magdalene)

John 20:1-18

Ryan Karayiannis

Feb 7

'The Great Enemy'

Matthew 3:13-4:11


Feb 14

'The Two Advocates'

John 14:16-20; 25-27


Feb 21

'The Obedient Master'

Matthew 26:36-44

Heather Woods

Feb 28

'The Right Hand of the Father'

Acts 1:9-11


Mar 7

'The Courage of Mary'

Luke 1:26-45