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Teaching Series

For our Future

For our Future.png

As we move into a new decade our times seem precarious. There are major political and economic uncertainties across the world. There are seismic social and moral  shifts with strong emerging post-truth generations, particularly in the West. There are continued, mostly reactive, endeavours to restyle and redefine the church and its role in personal lives, culture and society. There are changes in global climates that, without collective and corrective human action, will change all our futures on earth.  All would seem overwhelming. But it is not.

Jesus Himself was all too aware of the precarious nature of the world his first disciples faced. He would return to the Father. They would remain. Our new series for 2020 sets out to explore what Jesus had to say to those first disciples and, importantly, how and what he prayed for them (and those who followed them) before he left the earth. The series will end with a close study of John 17 - on the intimacy and majesty of Jesus praying. We encourage you to make these chapters the subject of your reading and thinking over the series. 'Let your hearts not be troubled'.

5 January           The Hope (13.31-38)                    Jackie Whyte

12 January         The Promise (14.1-4)                    Andrew Morrell

19 January         The Way (14.5-14)                       Alan Wilson

26 January         The Comforter (14.15-31)               Nicola Whyte

2 February         Who is God?                                  Andrew Morrell (All in Together)

9 February         The Fruit (15.1-17)                       Jackie Whyte

16 February       The World (15.18-16.4)               Jonny Millar

23 February       The Spirit of Truth (16.5-16)              Jennifer Love

1 March             The Father (16.17-28)                  Greg Neville

8 March             The Peace 16.29-33)                    Andrew Morrell

15 March           The Prayer of Jesus (17.1-4)        Ian Dickson

22 March           The Prayer of Jesus (17.5-19)      Jackie Whyte

29 March           The Prayer of Jesus (17.20-26)   Jonny Millar