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Fully Jesus.pngFully Jesus

'I sat and wondered about Jesus. In my mind, I recalled how he was born and died. How he healed. How he brought peace to some and trouble to those who were jealous and resistant. Nearly everything I thought about related to what he did - to actions, places and movements. I gave much less thought to the person who did these amazing things. I was seeing merely the surface of the gospel. It felt shallow. Without substance.

So, I began to think again, but this time I started with who Jesus really was and is - the perfect human, the Son of God, the humble King, the living Saviour. This re-start with 'who' changed everything. The 'why' and the 'how' of Easter only made sense by the 'who'. The more I thought the more my heart rose into that personal relationship with Jesus that is his gift to me. I wanted to find others who would share this way of understanding and take me continually to the person of Jesus.'

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