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Current Series with Podcasts

God of the Commandments

Our new preaching summer series The God of the Commandments asks: what does each of the ten commandments reveal about God? That is, what does it reveal to me about God and what does it reveal to us as a community about God? Then, how do we best respond - individually and collectively - when God speaks to reveal who He is? Divine revelation always requires human response.

In the Exodus story these are the words of God to a community being formed - a people finding their feet in a new situation. This is 'accommodating' revelation - God using human words and images (with all their limitations) to communicate something of who He is. This is direct speech from God - present on the mountain - to the people. The attention from the outset is firmly on God.

So, this summer of 17 is about our desire for directness from God and our response to the way God will be revealed in Word and Spirit.

In short, God revealed for life lived well.