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Current Series with Podcasts

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Hearing God Speak

The focus of our new series is the spiritual discipline of hearing God speak - personally and collectively. Using biblical examples, we explore the diversity of how God speaks to individuals and Christian communities and how they, in turn, respond. In addition, we hear the stories of how people within Christ Church hear God speak to them.  Jesus said, 'my sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me' (John 10.27). How do we develop and continue a conversational approach with God in our everyday discipleship?  The way we live matters when it comes to hearing God speak. A phenomenon, a dream, a vision, a voice - how do we know it is God speaking? Why do we want to 'hear'? Can we 'hear' God speak together?

The voice of God is always more than guidance. It is the voice of 'our father'. God does not exist for our use or convenience. It is communication within loving relationship - not one of divine 'fixer' solving our human problems. We are God's confidantes - recipients of His revelation. We are to move beyond 'hearing' into whole life with Him.

As a companion to this teaching series, we recommend the book Hearing God by Dallas Willard (IVP, Revised in 2012).  In our small groups there will be an opportunity to discuss together and share from our reading.

20 January         Hearing God Speak - Collectively             Allison Crosby

27 January         Hearing God Speak - Confidently             Andrew Morrell

3 February         Hearing God Speak - Directly                   Jackie Whyte

10 February       All in Together                                          Leah Grant

17 February       Hearing God Speak - Attentively               Tbc

24 February       Hearing God Speak - Openly                    Ian Dickson