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Current Series with Podcasts


Over this summer we are exploring the Gospel of John. Beginning with an overview on the distinctives of the book, we trace back to the extraordinary statement of divine identity in Exodus 3, 'I am who I am'.

With this as background, we move into the 'I am' sayings of Jesus (in the order they come) and the biblical contexts in which we find each one. Each memorable saying aligns with our human spiritual needs. In short, the overall message is that Jesus fulfils and satisfies every human spiritual need. Each one reveals how He saw His relationship with the world.

The series examines the ways and images Jesus uses to express who He is and how each of these is organically related to His disciples. A summer spent with these incomparable sayings of Jesus will brings its own immeasurable rewards!

7 July           The Gospel of John                                               Ian Dickson

14 July          The 'I am Who I am' (Exodus 3.13-15)                Mike Whitley

21 July          The Bread of Life (John 6.35)                           Jackie Whyte

28 July          The Light of the World (John 7.12)                   Nicola Whyte

4 August        Andrew Fitzgerald (Canterbury Baptist Church)

11 August      The Good Shepherd (John 10.7, 14)                Honor Williamson

18 August      The Resurrection and the Life (John 11.25)      Greg Neville

25 August      The Way, The Truth and the Life (John 14.6)    Jonny Millar

1 September  The Vine (John 15.1, 5)                                 Jackie Whyte