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On the face of it, they were unremarkable events: a rabbi and his disciples sharing a Passover meal, a prayer time in the darkness, an arrest and trial. Jerusalem had seen them all before, as well as the inevitable execution. They involved a seemingly unremarkable man, one who experienced fatigue and hunger, felt pain and exhaustion, who knew all about compassion and rejection. But the events that unfolded over three days would change everything, for this was no ordinary man. This was God Himself.

As God the Son, He had replaced Infinite Deity for the confines of a human body. Now, as man, he would experience death. These events would reach into the unseen world, from a shattering of the perfect unity of the Trinity to the depths of Hell. They would end in a resurrection, usher in a new Way by which man could find God, and replace death and fear with life and purpose. They would preface the return of the God-Man to Heaven and provide a burning, enduring hope that, one day, he would return.

But what were those events like? What did Jesus think and feel as the Creator submitted to the evil plans of His creatures? How did he react to the anguish and pressure? To the horror of separation from His Father? For seven weeks, we will spend those last few days with Jesus. Our desire reflects that of the Greeks who approached Philip with a simple, heartfelt request: "Sir, we would see Jesus" (John 12:21).


01 upper room Andy
08 garden Jackie
15 trial Darrell
22 crucifixion Darrell
29 resurrection Jackie


06 ascension Andrew Morrell
13 coming Andy