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... actively engaged in God's movement of making disciples.


'New!' ...........  our start of 2015 mini-series.




The Bible has several words for the idea. New testament writers use two adjectives almost inter-changeably. On the face of it little distinguishes the words.  Depending on the context, however, each use denotes either a more recent time (the 'temporal' sense); or, an improved quality, thus 'qualitatively' new (hence, 'new/better').

The Lord Jesus Himself came and did a new thing. Jesus presents an entirely 'new' way. And, to those who adopt it, He ascribes a new name.

This is God's new deal.

For those who follow Him Jesus offers new hope and tenders a new destination - one stripped of suffering; one in which justice prevails; and where there is an end to pain and tears.

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