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Is the book of 1st Peter about suffering or a call to holy living or is it focused on being church?

Peter uses the phrase 'Resident Aliens' to help them understand their dual citizenship. A resident alien is a legal term given to someone who is a foreigner living permanently in another country. That is what we are - Citizens of Heaven living here on earth.  So all three themes we had identified are vital issues for people who are called to live holy lives in this world. True faith and godly living were the resources needed for this, and still are.

We want to take our time through this series which will last until after Christmas. Our prayer for you is that as we teach our way through 1 Peter - you would grapple with the realities of living in this culture, and just like a resident alien - you would be a blessing to the world in which we live. This is not a series on how to be an evangelist - rather it is about just being. Being the Holy People who have been called into existence by God so that we can build one another up, and be salt and light in this world.

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