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... actively engaged in God's movement of making disciples.

Shaped by Jesus


Shaped by Jesus

"..as the Father has sent me, I am sending you."

Jesus developed a culture around Him and His disciples of hope and expectancy of what the Father would do through their mission. He announced the nearness of the Kingdom, and offered the Hope of that Kingdom to a disillusioned John the Baptist. Jesus' teaching about the Kingdom of God was so authoritative that even the powers of the kingdom of darkness submitted to Him.

Actually, it is Jesus Himself who is this Hope, both for Israel and all the nations. The New Testament describes this hope in a variety of ways such as 'the hope of the Gospel', 'the hope of Resurrection', and the 'hope of Eternal Life'.

The message in Jesus Christ is all we have to offer this world, but it is the most precious gift imaginable. This is the final part of our series 'Shaped by Jesus', and so as we go about our missional lives in Belfast, and as we head to our summer outreach - let's allow this Hope to overflow from our lives into the world of which we are a part.

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