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Current Series with Podcasts


Wells of Mission

Historically wells were a vital part of everyday life, culture and wider society. Wells were a source of  life for people and communities.

In John 4 we read about a well that hosts an incredible encounter between Jesus and a Samaritan woman. In this exchange over water Jesus offers her something even greater than the life-giving water she has become accustomed to and dependent upon.

Jesus offers her 'living water.' The chance to never 'thirst' again. The hope of a new life - an eternal life; a relationship with Him and the restoration of the relationship between her and her Heavenly Father. It's a beautiful story of God's Mission, crossing boundaries, and reaching into a broken life to save both it and a whole Samaritan village. As we hear stories and testimonies of God's Mission in our church, we experience again that sense of life-giving water. We 'drink' these stories in, bringing life again to ourselves, our church and even, please God, our nation.

In this series we want to drink deep of God's purposes in our lives, as we see what Mission looks like in our own personal lives, in the life of our church, and in the land we call home.

Greg Neville

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