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Current Series with Podcasts

Working in the Waiting

What is God doing 'in the waiting'? Abraham waited for God given promises to be fulfilled; Joseph waited for God given dreams to be realised, Moses all but gave up waiting for the emancipation of God's children. Miriam took the initiative, and Aaron fashioned an idol. David was patient, but Saul blew it. Simeon and Anna understood what they were waiting for,  but before his restoration Peter didn't seem to know what to do with himself.

For each of them (and in countless other biblical stories) God is working in the waiting, and we want to notice how and where He is working 'Until He Comes' . What can we learn about the mistakes of the temptation to 'take matters into our own hands'? What is going on in the waiting? What can we learn about God's timing,  and what is the fullness of time? What are we waiting for?

How do we make sure we experience excitement and anticipation (rather than frustration and impatience)  in  our waiting? To wait is not our end point, but neither is it passive. As the song puts it - 'You're working in our waiting, You're sanctifying us.'

Our Summer series will look at a number of Biblical Examples of God 'Working in the Waiting', may our roots grow down deep into Him as we open our ears and hearts to Him.

Working in the Waiting



Ian Dickson

Intro to series - (Abraham? - waiting with a promise)

Hazel Morrell

Joseph - Don't stop believing

Brian Auten

Moses - The Midian Years (Exodus 2:10-3:3)

Lindsay Allen

Miriam - Water's edge Anxiety and boldness (when Moses was in the bulrushes Ex 2) to Water's edge  Jubilation (Exodus 15:20-21)

Rick Hill

David's patience v Saul's impatience

Howard Davey

Aaron -The Golden Calf

Jonny Millar

Jer 29 (Especially verse 5-7) - Settle down and plant

David McMillan

Simeon and Anna - A Good Old Age

Heather Woods

Peter -'Gone Fishin' (John 20)

Jackie Whyte

Until Jesus Comes Again