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A community held together by Christ; loving God, supporting one another & bringing hope to the world.

Supporting one another ... as Women



Connecting with Christ...........

Connecting with each other


Cupcakes  is a ministry for women of all ages.  We meet on the third Thursday of each month in the Church Centre at the King's Hall Belfast.

Each meeting is different with a mix of fun, challenging and useful topics.  Our evenings, though all having a different theme, do have some similarities.

They include :-

  • an interview with someone from Christchurch allowing us to discover things about each other that we hadn't known
  • supper - a delectable feast (an opportunity to get involved and work as part of a small team for one evening)
  • our main topic /event for the evening
  • an environment that is decorated to reflect the theme for the evening
  • an opportunity to fill our cupcake  moneybox allowing the ministry to be self supporting

If you haven't been along yet you are missing an opportunity to ........make new friends......relax with old friends......learn something new about Our God......have fun together.

Looking forward to seeing You

Dot, Geraldine, Heather , Joanna , Judith