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... actively engaged in God's movement of making disciples.

Leadership @ ChristChurch


The Holy Spirit

ChristChurch is both a spiritual and physical entity at the same time. We striive to allow the Holy Spirit to have the overall leadership of our church and constantly desire to regularly hear what the Holy Spirit says to ChristChurch.

The responsibility for that discernment lies with our elders.


ChristChurch is an Elder led church. Elders are appointed, following nominations by the church, and serve for a maximum of 11 years at a time (with a sabbatical year when appropriate). The Elders have responsibility to discern God's vision for ChristChurch by worshipping God together, listening to the Holy Spirit together, Studying the Bible together, praying together, interpreting world events together, listening to the members of ChristChurch, and being influenced by churches where God is evidently moving.


Deacons are appointed by the Elders to oversee an area of specific responsibility in the church, and lead a team of people serving in that area.


Greg Neville is our Missional Communities' Pastor (with responsibility to support us as we seek to develop outreach opportunities) and our Community Pastor for Finaghy.

Jackie Whyte is Associate Pastor. He is associate to the Eldership Team, and has responsibility for Pastoral Care and Ministry Co-ordination which involves supporting the Elders and Deacons to help them be as effective as possible in their ministries.

Katie Bruce is our Youth Pastor

Together the Elders, Deacons and Pastors form the Leadership Team.  The final responsibility within the team lies with the Elders.